Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snoop Dogg is in My Gwa, Yo

While I was down and out it it turns out that my jatigi's bitch had been feelin like a hot tamale at the midnite hour if y'know what i mean so she was sneakin out and messin round with this other dog and after she had gotten her freak on eventually her tits started getting all big and swollen. The bitch had got herself knocked up. Two months later she goes out to the fields and no one knows where the bitch is at and so we think she's gettin her freak on again. But uh uh the next day she comes back with a litter of puppies.

One of those dogs is my dog. His name is Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Snoop might only be two months old, but he knows how to kick it back and keep it real. He spends most days suckin on his bitch's titties and gettin crunked.

After a long day of work he spends the rest of the day chillin with his homies.

And then he goes back to suckin his bitch's titties. When it comes to T&A, Snoop is all about the T, yo.

If you cross Snoop the wrong way, I'd watch my back if ya know what I mean cuz he is known to tear a motha's face off.

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