Monday, October 19, 2009

Zac Mason - Published Toiletologist!

This blog's dashing hero has been published by - of all mediums - journals of modern theology and Progressive Judaism! Oy Kevult!!! Has Zac Mason rescinded his adolescent angst towards organized religion? Has the Jewish community readmitted into its flock the most outspoken and argumentative 12-year-old that a Hebrew School teacher could ever endure? Will he raise his children as Jews? When is he going to apply to law school? Is he wearing a sweater?

Read here to find out!

The Journal for Inter-Religious Dialogue:

Tikkun Online


Unknown said...

I don't think he needs a sweater....but I hear he is wearing a CARDBOARD BELT!

Randy said...

"At lunchtime her husband will come back with a cart full of peanuts, which Bintu will spend the rest of the day shelling."

The Universal Nut Sheller may be of interest to you:

"The Universal Nut Sheller (UNS; formerly called the Malian Peanut Sheller) is a simple hand-operated machine based on a Bulgarian Peanut sheller, capable of shelling 50 kilograms (110 lb) of raw, sun-dried peanuts per hour.

It requires less than US$50 in materials to make, and is made of concrete poured into two simple fibreglass molds, some metal parts, one wrench and any piece of rock or wood that might serve as a hammer. It accepts a wide range of nut sizes without adjustment. If necessary, adjustment is quickly and easily done. It is estimated that one Universal Nut Sheller will serve the needs of a village of 2,000 people. The life expectancy of the machine is around 25 years."

~ Randy Morantes

Unknown said...

Randy Morantes, who are you and what is your contact info?

Randy said...

I'm a 23-year-old E-4 (a super private) in the US Army. I can be reached at:

~ Randy Morantes

Andy Revkin said...

Great focus, Zac. Would love to have you contribute a "postcard from the field" for
Here's related coverage: