Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zac Mason on Eco Brooklyn and Riverkeeper!

Dear loyal readers,

I have recently been hired by this really awesome green builder/renovator called Eco Brooklyn – which is why I have not been writing a whole lot of extensive blog posts as of late. I have been busy waking up before dawn salvaging construction materials, transporting them to various sites around Brooklyn, Queens and Harlem; digging out a basement, mixing mortar, cement and rammed earth, hauling rocks and bricks and other extremely heavy labors. Commuting to do construction work is kicking my ass; however, I’m learning a whole lot about green tech with hands-on experience. Moreover, it has been discovered that I can also be an asset to this team by blogging extensively about green construction technologies and practices!

Hopefully some of the time I will be able to write about tech matters and local policy, be allowed to use those postings directly on this blog as well. And Riverkeeper is also interested in me doing some blogging for them too… That doesn’t mean that Zacstravaganza is going soft – no sirree – rather, look forward to Zacstravaganza becoming hardcore environmental and straight up New York – from the Croton Watershed and the Hudson River to the NYC sewer system and the Gowanus Canal!

So check out my soapbox on Eco Brooklyn and Riverkeeper’s respective blogs – I will at least be cross-linking all updates over here if not rebroadcasting them verbatim on Zacstravaganza. My first post for the former is on how Eco Brooklyn minimizes its carbon footprint compared to competing New York contractors by using exclusively salvaged cement and other post-consumer construction materials!

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